AEC IST6 SERIE from 20 to 800 KVA
UPS Online Double Conversion Three Phases Modular Technology

The new series of IST6 UPS provides optimal solutions for power protection of any type of three-phase load, adopting NEW Modular technology to ensure total system reliability and a very competitive price.


The new UPS IST6 is made with a durable cabinet, suitable for all environments, both civil and industrial.
The advanced features of all the working sections of the UPS DSP digital control system ensure high reliability in highly stressful situations, such as highly fluctuating networks, distortion, dynamic loads and unbalanced, multiple blackouts newspapers.
The sinusoidal input with low THD and the power factor 1 of the UPS IST6 make our UPS the ideal solution for low / zero impact on the power grid.
A very simple menu on the LCD display allows the user to customize, control and monitor many UPS electrical parameters and the various operational functions.
The UPS IST6 can be connected in parallel up to 6 units of the same capacity, in the active power, redundant or hot-standby configurations.
The Modular technology allows the user to replace and maintain many internal parts and modules without switching off the systems and the loads; hot swap is possible for all redundant modules of the UPS.It is possible to connect the UPS to a computer using software with the correct serial / USB cable (standard) or intra-Internet networks via an SNMP agent (optional); are also available out communications such as RS-485, relay and free relay outputs with industrial protocols such as Modbus.

Power Ratings

The available models are : from 20 upto 800 kVA version transformerless



  • On-line double conversion with output power factor 0.9 (1 optional)
  • PFC technology for low harmonics input THD
  • Wide input voltage tolerance
  • Cold Start from batteries
  • Digital battery monitoring
  • Automatic battery test
  • Lightning and disturbances HF filters
  • Cooling fans at a controlled speed
  • Electronic self-protection and self diagnostic
  • Parallelable up to 6 units
  • LCD display complete with all the informations
  • EMI / RFI filters
  • RS232 port with monitoring software




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