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The AEC Group - Allis Electric Co. Ltd is a public company listed on the Taipei stock exchange since 1994 and has specialized in the production of groups UPS for power supply protection of high-tech industrial plants and telecommunications.

The AEC Group is one of the best known and appreciated manufacturers of uninterruptible power supplies in the world: online UPS, rack UPS, industrial uninterruptible power supplies, single-phase and three-phase uninterruptible power supplies are just some of the types of products sold by AEC.

The choice to be competitive in the global market has led the Group to continuous investments, join ventures and the creation of offices around the world, developing strategic alliances to achieve excellence as a multinational company.

With over 50 years of experience and great performance, Allis will continue to work on its core competencies to be increasingly result-oriented and customer satisfaction, always creating value for its stakeholders.

Its core business is based on excellent products, which allow enormous savings by providing clean energy while respecting the environment, and 24/7 remote and on-site technical assistance. sells in more than 80 countries in Europe, the Middle East, America and Africa.

  • Mission

    Providing green solutions respecting the environment, always placing the customer and his specific needs at the center of our attention.

  • Vision

    Being an innovative and pioneering company in the sector of uninterruptible power supplies and renewable energy to improve the quality of life of citizens and workers.

  • Strengths

AEC UPS - 50 years

Our history

AEC UPS - Parent company

Founded on September 25, 1968 in Taipei, Taiwan, Allis Electric Co. Ltd. , began manufacturing low voltage, motor control centers, high and low voltage integrated start panels, AC / DC industrial control equipment and transmission and distribution equipment. Careful business management has led to the development of independent departments for the production of transformers, switching devices and electronic products.

With a long history of internal development of products and technology such as UPS, telecommunication rectifiers, transformers for large power plants and control and power systems for high-speed railways speed, in 1994 AEC - Allis Electric Co. Ltd becomes a public company listed on the Taipei Stock Exchange.

AEC worldwide since 50 years

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After years of continuous growth, AEC expands abroad and opens new offices in California, South Africa and in 1998 in Italy.

The opening of the Italian office AEC International in Lainate, in the province of Milan, was the winning move of the Group for the diffusion of the AEC brand in Europe, Africa, Middle East and South America, thanks to the partnership with the current president of AEC Italia, former founder of another historic UPS manufacturer.

Thanks to the solidity and the very high quality standard of the AEC Group, the UPS briefly achieved enormous success and found local distributors in about 40 countries . In particular, in Italy, AEC opens several agencies in all regions and local technical assistance centers.

Our numbers

AEC UPS - Industries

4 factories
and 110 assistance center

AEC UPS - Growth

170.000.000 USD
turnover 2020

AEC UPS - Employees



UPS Manufacturer with worldwide distribution

Allis Electric with a long history working in power quality and management solution with Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) products ranging from the high-frequency model, parallel model, and modular type model. Through comprehensive before and after services from system design, installation and system maintenance performed by a professional sales and the technical team comes together reliable and energy-saving power management and back up mechanism.

AEC UPS - Advance technology

Advance technology

Continuous investments in AEC R&D always allow AEC products to be updated to the latest and more efficient technologies. Uninterruptible Power Systems range manufactured by AEC starts from 500 VA up to 1000 kVA, covering all global customer's needs. Our New series of UPS adopts an innovative Three Level Technology IGBT Rectifier with Super-High power efficiency and Smart-Friendly Data interface for users easy status monitoring. AEC UPS interface communicates using advanced technologies by SNMP/Internet/4G and coming soon 5G and Blockchain.

AEC UPS - Assistance

Excellent service

Our AEC Premium Free Risk Assistance is a new generation of UPS monitoring Services. All AEC UPS can be remotely connected, monitored and operated from everywhere in the world. Thanks to our Network of Service centers the users can be supported 24/7 and remotely control, overlook, trace and record live all information as well as apply functional and battery tests from the UPS’s. Where Internet networks are not available, supporting 4G and 5G cellular network the users can easily see, trace and check UPS through SMS and Emails. AEC Servers centers located worldwide allows an excellent full H24 live support.

AEC UPS - 24/7 support
AEC UPS - Reputation


Our reputation, reliability, and efficiency allow us to provide a 3 years warranty on most of our products, with unbeaten satisfaction from our loyal and long-term business partners. AEC is proud to have a very high customer base of a long-term business relationship, with a top fidelity from our loyal customers.

AEC UPS -  SGS Certification
AEC UPS - SASO Certification
AEC UPS - European Certification
AEC UPS - 3 years Warranty

AEC UPS - 3 years Warranty

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Via Nerviano, 55 - 20045 Lainate - Milan (Italy)
Phone: +39 02 94158991 • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

VAT: IT12520320156

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