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The fifty years of experience in the Electrical and Telecommunications sector has allowed the AEC Group to offer its customers excellent technical and commercial support in all phases of the life cycle of its products. Thanks to the wide and global network of highly qualified technical personnel, AEC is able to offer excellent pre and post-sales service all over the world.

All AEC products have a 3 year warranty and guarantee high performance with maximum energy savings.

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Main Services of AEC UPS

PRE-SALE analysis

ordinary and extra maintenance


remote control

Professional training

1. Pre-sale analysis and installation

The AEC team offers a pre-sales and installation service able to establish and customize the solution that best suits your needs. Thanks to an excellent professional network all over the world, our purchasing department guarantees maximum speed and professionalism in the evaluation and design phase.

The know-how acquired over the years by our staff allows the creation of customized products , meeting even the most demanding requests thanks to team of experts present in our Group. AEC will accompany you in every phase: from the analysis and creation of the project, to the verification of the technical requirements, to the drafting of the commercial proposal up to the installation and commissioning of the product.

2. Ordinary and extra maintenance

Preventive maintenance helps keep your machine efficient, reducing running costs and sudden repairs. The replacement of wear parts (such as accumulators, fans, or capacitors) avoids unexpected problems, increases costs and increases the life expectancy of the equipment.

For this reason it would be advisable to stipulate a contract of ordinary maintenance that will be carried out by highly specialized AEC technicians, able to intervene on all equipment on the market. In fact, thanks to a branched network of technicians strategically allocated in Italy and abroad, AEC is at your disposal to plan maintenance operations with the aim of preventing any breakdowns and therefore extraordinary maintenance that have a higher cost.

AEC will build the maintenance plan together with you taking into account your needs. The program is completely customizable and includes the following services to choose from:
    • one year preventive maintenance visit to the customer;
    • technical updates;
    • 24/7 technical assistance;
    • disposal of old batteries and UPS;
    • battery replacement;
    • discounts up to 40% on replaced batteries;
    • assistance and repair service in case of emergencies and breakdowns.

3. Technical assistance and spare parts

AEC offers a technical assistance service h 24, 7 days a week, all over the world both remotely and on-site. It is also possible to request repairs on your machines, even those not registered by AEC, and spare parts available within 24h . All spare parts are original and tested for full compatibility with AEC systems. The board repair service, carried out in the company, offers the possibility to reduce the expenses for any replacement boards. AEC provides constant interventions of technological updates of the machines carried out on-site following the analysis of the status of the machine.

4. Remote control

All AEC UPS units can be remotely connected, monitored and managed from anywhere in the world thanks to our service monitoring, Premium Free risk Assistance. The user can be supported 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can check, monitor, trace and record all information in real time, as well as initiate functional and battery tests of the UPS. Where the Internet is not available, users can easily see, track and control UPS via SMS and email using the 4G and 5G cellular network.

Allis Electric Company offers centers located all over the world and provides excellent and comprehensive 24/7 live support. Our new UPS UPS series adopts the innovative IGBT rectifier three-level with super-high energy efficiency and Smart-Friendly data interface for easy status monitoring of users. The UPS interface communicates using advanced technologies from SNMP / Internet / 4G and soon 5G and Blockchain.

5. Professional training

The AEC staff can also support you in the field and contribute to your constant updating through training plans : you can rely on AEC's support at every stage of your project according to the highest quality standards and anywhere in the world. In fact, AEC offers distributors and customers the opportunity to carry out training training at our offices or on-site.

The primary objective of our courses is to explain and show in practice the main features of our products, providing sufficient knowledge to intervene in autonomy on machines in case of malfunctions.

UPS: other informations

For more information, refer to the page with all the UPS series and the page with batteries and other products. To purchase UPS, or request a maintenance quote or other services, please refer to the contact page.

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