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Power outages are a common occurrence in the event of danger, such as a fire or earthquake. For this reason, the installation of the CPSS - Central power supply to support the safety systems of the environments we frequent, in particular of work and daily life, is an indispensable condition for the protection of our health.

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Which is the best UPS uninterruptible power supply must be established on the basis of an accurate analysis of the needs and requirements of the customer, to understand first of all how much support energy he would need in case of problems with the electrical network and then to understand which product in the catalog better suits the specific requests.

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Voltage surges are fluctuations in the electric current that can also cause serious damage to the equipment connected to the network, especially if they are frequent and of great intensity and for this reason it is necessary to know the solutions to avoid them. To assess the magnitude of voltage surges, it is first necessary to analyze what is called the tolerance margin, that is, the standard that the electrical system can tolerate; if the current flow exceeds the tolerance margin, we speak of overvoltage / undervoltage and therefore of voltage fluctuations.

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Three-phase single-phase UPSs are models of uninterruptible power supplies, i.e. electrical equipment used for data protection, which constantly supply energy to machinery and IT devices. Three-phase single-phase UPSs are used at every production level, from the home system to that of large companies, hospitals and telecommunications, since the ever-increasing demand for electricity can often cause power peaks or blackouts which can in turn cause damage to equipment and loss of data.

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Uninterruptible power supplies - UPS are today an indispensable tool for companies and professionals who need to better preserve their data; UPS units in fact allow to maintain a continuous and uninterrupted flow of electricity, avoiding information loss and damage to machinery due to sudden blackouts.

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