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Best Uninterruptible Power Supply: AEC International UPS

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The best UPS: AEC reply

The best UPS: the question that is increasingly being asked by those looking for a reliable and professional UPS system.

To answer the increasingly important question on the energy quality required by the increasingly sophisticated high-tech products, cloud, data-center, and all electrical equipment, the AEC electronic division continues to design better UPS every day, which are always more efficient and reliable.

Thanks to the excellent results given by the AEC UPS alliances with the main component manufacturers, with which an elite group of talented top-level Research & Development personnel, the flagship of AEC, was brought forward...

Best UPS: high standards

Allis Electric, with its long experience in the field of quality and management of energy solutions, offers UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) ranging from the offline model UPS line interactive line IST1, to the advance modular UPS models.

Through a range of complete services before and after the sale, complete with installation and system maintenance, AEC UPS, thanks to a team of professionals and technicians, guarantees and combines power, reliability, and energy saving in the management of the backup mechanism.

The online UPS produced by AEC are guaranteed not only to provide a superb operating cycle, insurmountable safety, and reliable electrical properties, but also a quality of the products themselves that has been fully tested respecting both local standards and foreign standards such as ISO, CE, CNS, JIS, IEC, ANSI, NEMA, among the many we can mention.

The engineering division of the AEC group, thanks to many years of experience, has designed and built equipment according to the highest industrial standards, in which every element required since the development project, to move from investigation, evaluation, planning, regulations, construction drawings, submission, materials engineering, machinery and equipment, construction, installation, inspection, testing, utility petition for the definitive transfer of the project, is performed to comply with the international quality assurance of the ISO 9000 system.

All Allis products are embellished by the ecological characteristic, supported by great reliability, easy installation, high overload capacity, and ever smaller and more ergonomic dimensions to allow extreme ease of installation even in tight spaces and uncontested economic performance.

UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply: the best AEC UPS with power capacity ranging from 600VA up to 600kVA

AEC's UPS is divided into different categories, such as the UPS Line Interactive IST1 series, which are the best UPSs for home use, as well as being used as PC uninterruptible power supplies. The models of the IST3, IST3-J, IST8, IST9, IST7 series are counted among the online UPS, while the IST3-J, IST8, and IST9 series are also included among the rack UPS models.

Below are the links to the individual AEC UPS series on this website:

AEC UPS: other information

For more information, refer to the page with all the UPS series and the page with batteries and other products. To purchase UPS, or request a quote, please refer to the contact page.

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