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Power surges: causes, damage and solutions

Voltage surges are fluctuations in the electric current that can also cause serious damage to the equipment connected to the network, especially if they are frequent and of great intensity and for this reason it is necessary to know the solutions to avoid them. To assess the magnitude of voltage surges, it is first necessary to analyze what is called the tolerance margin, that is, the standard that the electrical system can tolerate; if the current flow exceeds the tolerance margin, we speak of overvoltage / undervoltage and therefore of voltage fluctuations.

The power surges can be generated by problems of the energy supplier, but more generally they are due to the surplus of electricity demand produced by the equipment connected to the grid; in the case of a home electrical system, the excessive demand for current due to the use of too many appliances switched on at the same time can therefore lead to undervoltages and even serious damage to the appliances themselves.

Power surges: how to avoid them and solutions

Power surges can cause damage to the electrical system and the equipment connected to it and, consequently, can have a very negative impact also in terms of money and work. To compensate for the problems related to voltage fluctuations, therefore, it is good to provide your home, your company or large industrial plants with adequate UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), tools able to moderate the flow of electric current keeping it always constant and avoid data loss and unexpected shutdown of machinery.

AEC International - born in Taiwan more than 50 years ago - specializes in the production of uninterruptible power supplies and batteries for UPS, products explicitly designed to protect the customer from voltage drops and surges, from blackouts and anomalous flows of the electricity grid. Power surges can occur at all production levels, so AEC has created uninterruptible power supplies suitable for the most diverse needs, from domestic to industrial, from medical to telecommunications.

If you are looking for effective remedies for power surges, choose AEC's latest generation UPSs.

AEC International has a large catalog of UPS and accessories suitable for the most varied requests. Visit our website and contact us, power surges will no longer be a problem for you!

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