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Three - Single phase UPS: the value of an UPS

Three-phase single-phase UPSs are models of uninterruptible power supplies, i.e. electrical equipment used for data protection, which constantly supply energy to machinery and IT devices. Three-phase single-phase UPSs are used at every production level, from the home system to that of large companies, hospitals and telecommunications, since the ever-increasing demand for electricity can often cause power peaks or blackouts which can in turn cause damage to equipment and loss of data.

AEC International - a leading company in the production of UPS and electrical accessories - has developed a wide range of single-phase three-phase UPS, adaptable to the most diverse needs; moreover, thanks to its decades of experience in the field, it is able to offer a fast, widespread and professional assistance service.

Three-phase single-phase UPS: differences and models available

 Three-phase single-phase UPSs have different characteristics on the basis of the mode of distribution of electricity: the single-phase UPS is the simplest alternating current distribution system and has a neutral and an active conductor; a three-phase UPS, on the other hand, consists of a system of three iso-frequency circuits for the production, distribution and use of alternating current.

AEC International has in its catalog multiple single-phase three-phase UPS: the single-phase products of the group belong to the IST1, IST3, IST3-j and IST8 lithium series; the three-phase UPS, on the other hand, are those of the IST7, IST6 series. In addition, within the IST9 series there are three models with different distributions: single-phase 1: 1, three-phase 3: 3 and three-phase input and single-phase 3: 1 output.

Based on their peculiarities, the three-phase single-phase UPS can be used in data centers and in the home/office, transport, industry, emergency, finance, telecommunications, medicine, government, energy sectors etc.

For three-phase single-phase UPS made in Italy choose the AEC group

The professionalism and experience of Allis Electric Co. support all its three-phase single-phase UPS, which have a three-year warranty, and offer you a unique maintenance service, with spare parts that can be ordered within 24 hours.

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