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Uninterruptible power supply, essential help for businesses

ups, an indispensable tool for companies and professionals

UPS uninterruptible power supplies are today an indispensable tool for companies and professionals who need to better preserve their data; UPS units in fact allow to maintain a continuous and uninterrupted flow of electricity, avoiding information loss and damage to machinery due to sudden blackouts.

Equipping your studio with professionals, your company or your production center with the most suitable UPS units allows you to guarantee your work the safety and stability it requires; according to a recent survey by the Politecnico di Milano, in fact, power surges and power outages have generated approximately 580 million euros in damage per year for Italian industries. With the UPS uninterruptible power supplies manufactured in Italy by AEC International, you can choose a product designed specifically for the most different needs, guaranteed for three years and provided with 24/7 assistance.

uninterruptible power supplies, all models and features

The UPS uninterruptible power supplies of AEC International Italia are produced with the highest quality material within the Milan Lainate plant, the only manufacturer and supplier of the group throughout Europe. The different models of UPS uninterruptible power supplies are produced within the Milanese factory:

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Which one to choose?

  • IST1 (600 - 1500 VA) with UPS Line Interactive technology, perfect for private users and small-medium enterprises;
  • IST3 (1-10 kVA) is a tower UPS that uses fully digital control technology and energy savings to give maximum performance;
  • IST3-J (1-10 kVA) Single-phase rack UPS with numerous integrated functions;
  • IST8 (1-3 kVA) Double conversion online UPS with high power density lithium batteries, one of the most used today due to its long life;
  • IST9 (10-20 kVA) Industrial rack tower UPS, suitable for the protection of data centers, IT networks, telecommunications systems and automation control systems;
  • IST7 (10-200 kVA) Three-phase online industrial UPS which is part of the static UPS systems, characterized by high efficiency, high power density and compact measurements;
  • IST6 (25-600 kVA) Industrial three-phase online UPS uses advanced technology and has a more reliable redundancy design from the whole system down to the components.

Our uninterruptible power supplies have been designed to meet every need.

For more information, see the page with all the UPS and the page on batteries and other products.
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