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EV charging station

Electric vehicle charging stations

Electric vehicle charging station

More and more people are switching to electric : we are all more aware of the risks of climate change and car manufacturers can no longer underestimate this aspect.
E-mobility is one of the main tools we have at our disposal to protect the environment with low CO2 emissions.
Low impact on the environment and improvement
in air quality
Savings on refueling costs and the possibility of
recharging anywhere at low cost

EV charging stations aec: Advantages

  • Versatile

    They adapt to any place, they can be mounted on the wall or fixed to the ground with a column, available with various powers.
  • Universal

    Compatible with all electric cars thanks to the charging sockets according to the European standard.
  • Easy charging

    Ideal for those who want an easy and quick charging service.
  • Self-Service

    Easy to use even for occasional customers thanks to the clear user instructions on the display.

EV charging stations for e-mobility


Ev charger for privates
The ideal residential charging station for private
and commercial vehicles

Companies and Public ADM

The fast charging station to be installed in public places
and in commercial activities parkings

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Batteries 12V


Batteries for uninterruptible power supply have been specially designed to feed ups, emergency systems or other ups application.
Utilizing the latest advance design oxygen recombination technology, aec has applied its 50 years experience in the lead-acid battery field to produce the optimum design of sealed lead-acid batteries specifically for ups applications.

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Battery 12V 9Ah






Battery 12V 60Ah






Batteries 12V for UPS details

  • Totally sealed and no hydrogen gas emissions in operation;
  • No water topping during the battery life. in fact, water addition is not allowed;
  • No risk of electrolyte leakage because the electrolyte (diluted sulphuric acid) is absorbed in a glass-matt separator-AGM;
  • Plates are robust as they are molded with special alloys having different components that guarantee to the grids high mechanical resistanc;
  • Container and lid are made of abs (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene);
  • Conformity to international standards such as JIS, ul, vde, IATA;
  • High discharge intensity;
  • Design life 10-12 or more than 12 years in according to euro bat guide;
  • Case: ul-94 hb or ul94-v0 flame retardant.


  • Battery Cabinet for ups:

The UPS battery cabinet is an accessory designed to extend the autonomy of the UPS. Each UPS has its own external battery cabinet and the number of batteries changes according to the UPS model to which it will be connected.

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Batteries for UPS and other AEC products

Batteries for UPS

and much more..

Batteries for UPS

Batteries for uninterruptible power supply UPS

Batteries for uninterruptible power supplies AEC specially designed to power UPS or emergency systems.

Using the latest advanced design oxygen recombination technology, AEC has applied its 50 years of experience in uninterruptible power supply batteries lead acid to produce an optimal lead acid battery design sealed specifically for UPS applications.

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EV charger

Electric vehicle Charging stations

AEC's electric vehicle charging stations have been designed to meet the growing demand from the world of electric mobility.

Versatile and easy to install, the electric columns can be applied in residential contexts for private use or in public places. The AEC charging station models are available with powers from 7KW up to 240KW.

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UPS - Centralized boards

Engineering division

The Engineering division at AEC has design and construction experience to deal with all types of procurement, be it electrical, centralized monitoring, control, signal, water drainage, fire protection, air conditioning and environmental protection.

Every element required by a development project, ranging from survey, evaluation, planning, regulations, construction drawings, dispatch, materials engineering, machinery and equipment, construction, installation, inspection, test run, petition useful for the final transfer of the project, it is performed to comply with the ISO 9000 international quality assurance system.

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