Central Power Supply System - CPSS

Central power supply system
for emergency

The Central Power Supply System - CPSS has been designed to provide lighting in case of absence of normal power supply.
A CPSS must be compliant with standard EN 50171 for the protection of the power supply of emergency and safety systems.

Central power supply system

Specifically designed to be installed inside companies and in public places such as hospitals, schools, museums, cinemas, etc. to give visibility in case of blackout.
The Central Power Supply System is designed for emergency lighting systems, but also for other emergency systems such as:
automatic fire-fighting systems, alarms, fume extraction equipment, carbon monoxide detection systems.


  • Reduction of investment and maintenance costs;
  • Simplification of the plant and periodic test operations;
  • No limitation on output power;
  • Long-term reliability.

The EN 50171 standard

The EN 50171 standard applies to systems permanently connected at supply voltages in alternating current not higher at 1000 V and using batteries as an alternative energy source.
Furthermore, the structure of the CPSS must comply with the CEI EN 62040 standard.

Central power supply system CPSS: Features

  • Batteries: the batteries used in CPSS must have an expected life of at least 10-12 years;
  • Overload: the inverters used in the CPSS must be able to handle a constant overload of 120%;
  • Charging times: the chargers used must recharge the batteries within 12 hours, starting from a low battery condition;
  • Resistance of the casing: the casing of the CPSS must have excellent mechanical strength, able to withstand heat and fire.

Models of Central Power Supply System CPSS

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