Central Power Supply System for emergency


1-10 kVA
CPSS Tower

CPSS 3 (1-10kW): The CPSS 3 for emergency systems uses the fully digital control technology and the latest high-frequency conversion technology, thus presenting high efficiency, high power factor and other advantages.

The CPSS 3 is a tower CPSS that offers significant energy savings and greatly reduces operating costs.

It has built-in functions such as AC regulation, back-up power, surge protection and other functions to protect equipment in rigid power grid environments and provide clean, safe and stable power to loads.

CPSS 3: details

  • Constant overload of 120%;
  • Batteries 10-12 years life expectancy;
  • Charging time of less than 12 hours;
  • Structure compliant with CEI EN 62040.
Gruppi Di Continuita Monofase Ist3 Frontale
Gruppi Di Continuita Monofase Ist3 Laterale


Green power

  • The CPSS 3 for emergency systems has an input power factor up to 0.996, low THDi (<3%), decrease pollution to city power;
  • AC/AC efficiency up to 95.5%, energy saving and low carbon emissions;
  • Compliance with the RoHS standard, harmless and respectful of the environment ;
  • Designed in accordance with international EMC and safety standards.

exceptional profitability

  • Minimum 0.05m footprint, saving on delivery costs and easy for installation;
  • At least 10% power output for your loads.


  • The CPSS 3 utilizes advanced DSP control technology, accuracy and fast data processing, and has self-diagnosis and fast fault processing capabilities, as well as of complete self-protection functions with high reliability;
  • CPSS with improved circuit integration, optimized circuit design, improved anti-interference capabilities and more stable performance.

compatible generator

  • The generators of the AEC CPSS 3 emergency lighting system are suitable for AC power input;
  • The low-quality electricity produced by the generator is effectively isolated to prevent pollution of the grid to provide clean, safe and stable energy to the loads.


  • Well-proportioned visual effects, graphical interface, simplified display, improved user experience;
  • The CPSS 3 supports the display of the host temperature, simplifying the monitoring of temperature changes; more manageable security of the device.

Excellent performance

  • The CPSS 3 has an industry-leading overall system efficiency: the overall efficiency of the system at full load reaches up to 95% while that in half load reaches up to 90%;
  • Huge energy savings and significant reduction in customer operating costs;
  • The output power factor can reach up to 1 industry-leading performance, better load capacity for the same power; affordable and low system investment costs;
  • Flexible battery configurations , supports 16-20 batteries configured in any way, improves the life cycle of old batteries and improves maintenance efficiency (6KVA models and above).

wide flexibility

  • Ultra wide input voltage range, adaptable to different use environments; easy to use in harsh environments;
  • The CPSS 3 is self-adaptive to the input frequency (50 / 60Hz), with constant monitoring of the mains frequency and operation without intelligent configuration;
  • The mains has priority to avoid frequent changes between mains and battery to prolong its life .

Warning and protection functions

  • The CPSS 3 for emergency systems performs an automatic scan at start-up that promptly detects hidden faults to ensure equipment safety and avoid unnecessary losses;
  • The comprehensive protection and warning function immediately triggers an audible and luminous alarm to prevent danger;
  • Supports input neutral / live wire detection to prevent the risk of fire from incorrect connection of neutral and live wire and to ensure safety of personnel and resources.

Ecological power

  • The CPSS 3 has reliable electromagnetic compatibility characteristics, certified by authoritative organizations, suitable for professional high frequency communications and audio and video transmission applications;
  • Input power factor > 0.99, input harmonics < 5%; better use of energy, reduction of further energy losses; eliminated the pollution of the electricity grid and reduced energy costs ;
  • Intelligent fan, high efficiency cooling;
  • Multiple modes to control fan speed, extend fan life and further improve efficiency with reduced power consumption .

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