10-200 kVA

CPSS 7 (10-200kW): CPSS 7 is a Central Power Supply System for high-level emergency systems and is one of the static CPSS.

The CPSS 7 uses advanced 3-level inverter technology and digital technology for complete interconnection, offering benefits such as high efficiency and high power density, while taking up only a small amount of floor space.

AEC's CPSSs provide safe, stable, clean and ecological energy to loads and are considered ideal for providing completely safe and reliable protection, especially suited for data centers, IT server rooms and precision instruments.

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Cpss 7: Details

  • Central Power Supply System for emergency systems with 3-level technology;
  • Constant overload of 120%;
  • Batteries 10-12 years expected life;
  • Charging time of less than 12 hours;
  • Structure compliant with CEI EN 62040;
  • Modular design;
  • Can be upgraded on site (from 50kw up to 120kw);
  • 96% efficiency;
  • Transformerless with output power factor 1;
  • Fully settable from the on-site display;
  • Self-cleaning function;
  • Graphic capture in wave form on the display (black box);
  • Hot-swappable battery packs.


To give a clearer idea of the economic savings allowed by the CPSS7, we offer an example on an AEC 120kVA / 120kW at full load H24, comparing it with a competitive CPSS with 92% standard efficiency.

Daily savings:
(120kVA*1*96%-120kVA*0.8 * 92%)*24 hours = 645.12kWh;

Daily financial savings:
645.12 kWh*0.1USD/kWh = 64.512 USD (cost hypothesis per Kilowatt/hour = 0.1 USD);

Annual savings:
645.12 kWh*365 days = 235.468,8 kWh;

Annual financial savings
235.468,8 kWh*0.1USD = 23.546,88 USD.


Modular Design

  • The CPSS 7 is a Central Power Supply System with high power density, 200 kW; it takes up only 0.54 square meters of area and saves a lot of space in the client's server room while having an ecological design.
  • The CPSS 7 uses the latest 3-level IGBT rectification technology and its input power factor is close to the power factor of the unit; improves energy efficiency by up to 96%.

Cost reduction

  • The CPSS 7 for emergency systems has a system that uses a touchscreen with powerful functions, double button on/off, intuitive interface, easy-to-use protection functions and alarm alerts.
  • The CPSS 7 also has a full input for over voltage, live input, overload, short circuit and component failure warning to reduce customer operation and maintenance costs.
  • Thanks to a built-in "black box", AEC's CPSS 7 periodically records the waveforms passing through the apparatus, considerably simplifying maintenance and solving problems that have occurred: this process effectively improves system maintenance times.
  • The design of the 4D fan further improves the overall efficiency of the system and makes the management of operation and maintenance more convenient, improving the general reliability of this  CPSS .

Self-cleaning Function

  • In the  CPSS 7 , the new self-cleaning mode periodically expels all dust from the power module in order to reduce the risk of PCB failure due to dust corrosion by more than 30%.
  • The automatic dusting mode can be set daily, weekly, or periodically at the user's discretion based on business needs.

Intelligent management

  • Modular design allows for faster and safer maintenance and repairs.
  • The replacement of the power module in the CPSS 7 has never been so quick and easy, with an average replacement time of the defective component of less than 30 minutes, reducing all the repair costs.
  • Full digital interconnection, advanced dual DSP control technology, fast error self-diagnosis, full redundancy coverage, no single point of failure and good system compatibility ensure reliable power supply to the load from an ultra-wide range of inputs from the power grid, while intelligent generator control allows flexible adaptation to various complex grid environments.

Black box

  • The operating system incorporated in the computerized display is able to analyze and record the waveforms of the individual components of this  CPSS .
  • Through the display it is possible to view, on the color screen, all the waveforms passing through the individual components, thus simplifying the localized identification of problems or distortions of any kind inside or outside the apparatus.

Settable display

  • Thanks to the advanced computerized display, the CPSS 7 are fully configurable from the display directly on site without the need for a PC, or specialized software.

Maximum Power

  • With a power factor of 1, the initial investments for load protection are reduced and significant savings are achieved on energy consumption during the operation of these CPSS.
  • AEC's CPSS 7 enables a 100% three-phase unbalanced load.

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