Central Power Supply System for emergency systems


10-20 kVA online
CPSS Rack Tower

CPSS 9 , as well as the online rack tower CPSS (10-20kW): the Central Power Supply System for emergency systems AEC's CPSS 9 guarantees stable and reliable power supply for the critical load. The CPSS 9 is available in 10-15-20 kW models with three-phase / single-phase input and three-phase / single-phase output.

The electric rescuer CPSS 9 is both Rack and Tower for greater versatility in installation, making it the most compact and versatile range of CPSS (and not only) today. Parallelable up to 4 units, CPSS9 is able to support up to 80kVA of single-phase or three-phase load, covering a wide range of needs in various sectors.

CPSS 9: details

  • CPSS 9 with 3-level IGBT technology;
  • Flexible configuration on site 1: 1, 3: 1, 3: 3;
  • Output power factor up to 1;
  • Batteries 10-12 years expected life;
  • Constant overload of 120%;
  • Charging time of less than 12 hours;
  • Structure compliant with CEI EN 62040.
Ups Rack 19 Ist9 Frontale 01
Ups Rack 19 Ist9 Frontale 02
Ups Rack 19 Ist9 Laterale

Unique features

Central power supply system - CPSS 9

Excellent flexibility

  • 4 units supported in parallel;
  • Tower and rack compatible design;
  • 24-40 adjustable batteries;
  • Max. 10A Charging current;
  • Smart RS485 + EPO;
  • ECO function;

Advanced technology and green power

  • CPSS 9 with low THDi: < 3%;
  • Electric rescuer for rack emergency systems with high AC/AC efficiency up to 96%.

Easy to move

  • Rack-tower compatible design;
  • Adjustable battery numbers and charging current.

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