Medical power supply

As you can imagine, energy consumption in hospitals is very high and, in a critical context such as an operating room or intensive care, business continuity is very important because a power outage could lead to very serious consequences for the well-being and health of patients. For this reason, uninterruptible power supplies are essential devices for guaranteeing a continuous power supply to devices in healthcare facilities.

AEC's medical power supply - UPS ensure high levels of safety and reliability even in the most critical contexts, thus protecting them from voltage surges and potentially harmful power outages, guaranteeing operational continuity. Just think of the medical devices that keep patients alive in an emergency, such as ventilators and respirators, to understand how important continuous nutrition is to provide assistance and support during recovery.

Uninterruptible power supplies are also essential for all diagnostic equipment , such as patient monitoring monitors and magnetic resonance scanners, because a fluctuating and inconsistent power supply can lead to damage to devices with the risk of obtaining inaccurate and unreliable clinical test results. All AEC medical UPSs are compliant with the EN 60601-1 standard

    Features of medical ups

  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Flexibility
  • Compliance
  • Efficiency

AEC medical ups


Operating room

The operating room is certainly the most critical and delicate room in a healthcare facility where operational continuity is of vital importance for the well-being of patients and for the success of the intervention. and the correct and constant operation of all technological devices.

AEC medical UPS  - Operating room

hospitalization and intensive care

Another department where a high level of energy performance is required and where even a slight drop in voltage is not admissible is the intensive care for proper 24-hour monitoring of the values parameters of patients via monitors, but also to keep all those medical devices that help patient recovery, such as ventilators and respirators, always in operation.

AEC medical UPS  - Intensive care

Medical clinic

Even a medical clinic requires a particular level of attention since this room is increasingly used to perform small routine interventions, defined precisely as outpatient interventions, in which medical devices that need medical attention are used a constant power supply.

AEC medical UPS  - Medical clinic

analysis laboratory

In recent years the use of UPS has also increased in research centers and analysis laboratories because, even if the machines to which they are connected are not of vital importance, however, they often prove to be an excellent aid for researchers and analysts for the success of their work.

AEC medical UPS  - Analysis laboratory

cpss for hospitals

As in all public places where crowding is expected, even hospitals and health facilities must by law adopt electric rescuers for safety and emergency systems, better known as CPSS - Central Power Supply System. The EN 50171 standard provides for the obligation to use CPSS as they represent an essential safeguard to protect the health and safety of people and rescuers in case of criticality.