Single Phase UPS

Line Interactive UPS

Offline UPS, also known as UPS Line Interactive, are identified with the abbreviation VI (Voltage Independent) since the output voltage is not independent from the input voltage, but there is a stabilization that reduces the variations.
In this way, in normal operating conditions, the UPS protects the connected equipment from overvoltages or undervoltages by means of a rectifier circuit and, in the event of a blackout, an inverter comes into play and the group exchanges the load on the voltage generated by the inverter.
Line Interactive technology is particularly recommended for the protection of computers, surveillance systems, modems, switches and routers.

>> UPS IST 1

from 600 to 2000VA

Online single phase UPS

1:1 phase

>> UPS IST 3

from 1 to 10kVA

>> UPS IST 3-j

from 1 to 10kVA

>> UPS IST 8

from 1 to 3kVA
Online UPS, usually called "double conversion", are identified with the abbreviation VFI (Voltage and Frequency Independent). This technology ensures that the UPS always generates an output power supply, perfectly sinusoidal, independent from the input one, clean and stable in both frequency and voltage. In this way, the UPS output is powered thanks to the rectifier that switches the UPS input voltage from alternating to direct and by the inverter which transforms the direct voltage back into alternating. UPSs with online technology are ideal for powering servers, surveillance systems, healthcare equipment and MV / LV cabinets.

Accessories for online single phase ups

Batteries 12V for UPS

Batteries 12V for UPS

Specifically designed to power uninterruptible power supplies and emergency systems.


It allows AEC UPS to be monitored, assisted, tested and operated remotely anywhere in the world 24 hours a day.
Dry Contact Card

Dry Contact Card

For monitoring external triggers and initiating operations on external devices.
Battery Cabinet

Battery Cabinet

Different models of external battery cabinets to extend the autonomy of the UPS.
USB Card

USB Card

It allows you to apply the UPS on all latest generation computers that do not have the RS232 port.


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