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UPS IST3-J 6kVA Battery Cabinet

UPS Online Rack 19" ist3-J

1:1 phase

Power range: 1 - 10KVA

Uninterruptible power supplies single-phase IST3-J (1-10kVA) are AEC's range of online double conversion UPS and they are Rack UPS in powers starting from 1kVA up to 10kVA. The UPS IST3 series adopts the most innovative IGBT technologies , guaranteeing an efficiency of up to 95.5% and a unitary output power factor.

The UPS are available in models with internal batteries or combined with external battery cabinets for longer runtimes. Our 2kVA and 3kVA models have the hot-swappable battery pack which makes replacement easy. The 6kVA and 10kVA models have the advantage of occupying only 2U. The USB card included and range of products covered by a 3-year warranty.

Applications for IST3-J
  • Details

    UPS for rack cabinets:

    • Online UPS for racks with advanced 3-level inverter technology;
    • 95.5% AC / AC efficiency with significant energy savings;
    • Single-phase UPS with output power factor up to 1 to connect more critical loads;
    • High input power factor up to ≥ 0.996 and THDi <3%, with less energy pollution and lower TCO;
    • Fully digital control technology;
    • Compact and smaller design (6-10kw only 2u);
    • Rack-tower UPS series with ECO function;
    • Smart RS232 + USB + EPO;
    • Dry contact and SNMP kits are optional.
    LCD display:
    • LCD digital display that can be easily moved and set vertically and horizontally;
    • The output voltage 208/220/230 / 240Vac, 50 / 60Hz and the ECO mode can also be set from the display on site;
    • Information on the alarm and operating process controllable from the LCD display.
    • Hot swappable battery pack;
    • Easy battery replacement;
    • Flexible rear panel configuration;
    • External battery port (external battery is optional).

    3 year warranty.
    Ideal for rack cabinets and to power servers, surveillance systems and healthcare equipment.

  • Download Catalog IST3-J

    Download the UPS IST3-J brochure

  • Download User Manual IST3-J

    Download the UPS IST3-J user manual

  • Batteries 12V for UPS

    Batteries 12V for UPS

    Specifically designed to power uninterruptible power supplies and emergency systems.
    SNMP Card

    SNMP Card

    It allows AEC UPS to be monitored, assisted, tested and operated remotely anywhere in the world 24 hours a day.
    Dry Contact Card

    Dry Contact Card

    For monitoring external triggers and initiating operations on external devices.
    Battery Cabinet

    Battery Cabinet

    Different models of external battery cabinets to extend the autonomy of the UPS.
    USB Card

    USB Card

    It allows you to apply the UPS on all latest generation computers that do not have the RS232 port.

Datasheet UPS ist3-J

Models                           IST3100010J
Power          1000VA      2000VA     3000VA      6000VA       10000VA 
                                      120 ~ 295 Vac                                                            80 ~ 275 Vac
50/60± 10% Hz
Power factor 
THDi <3%


Voltage                                              208/220/230/240±1% (settable on display panel)                           
Power factor
Frequency 50/60±0.2% (battery mode)
Max. AC/AC
                 92%                       92,5%                              93,3%                                      95,5%
Transfer time 0
Quantity                        2×9Ah 12V           4×9Ah 12V             6×9Ah 12V           16×9Ah 12V        16x12V 9Ah 
Voltage 24/36
48/72 72/96 192~240 192~240
Charger Current
(A) Max.
 1-4  1-4 1-4 1-8 1-8
and weights
(WxDxH) mm          
                           438×500×2U /
                                 438×500×3U (Batt. Pack)
Weight Kg     11/5.8     7.2+13/8     7.2+17.5/8         10.6+45/10.6         12.2+45/12.2
Temperature                                                                                       -5 ~ +40° C                                                                              
Humidity 0 ~ 95%
Noise  < 55 db

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UPS Monitoring remotely

The AEC UPS product interface communicates using advanced technologies via SNMP / Internet / 4G, coming soon in 5G and Blockchain. All AEC UPS items can be connected, monitored and managed remotely from all over the world.
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