UPS three phase – Industrial UPS ST5 - IST5 - IST5AU with Isolation Transformer, AEC International

UPS three phase – Industrial UPS ST5-IST5-IST5AU, AEC International

UPS online three phase with Internal Isolation Transformer

Series ST5-IST5-IST5AU

10-800 kVA
Industrial UPS

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UPS online three-phase ST5-IST5-IST5AU  (10-800kVA): UPS families three-phase UPSs are high-level industrial UPS and are among the online three-phase UPS with Internal Isolation Transformer.

Uninterruptible power supply ST5-IST5-IST5AU uses advanced 3 level technology with DUAL IGBT Rectifier & Inverter topology and digital technology for full interconnection and has advantages such as high efficiency, high power density and occupies only a small amount of floor space.

Industrial UPS three-phase provides safe, stable, clean, and environmentally friendly power to loads and can provide safe and reliable comprehensive protection to data centers, IT server rooms and precision instruments.


UPS Online three-phase ST5-IST5-IST5AU: details

  • 3-phase UPS with Internal Isolation Transformer;
  • Online double conversion UPS with DUAL IGBT Rectifier & Inverter topology;
  • Can be upgraded on-site (OPTIONAL from 50kw up to 800 kW);
  • Online UPS with upto 96% efficiency;
  • Uninterruptible power supplies with output power factor upto 1;
  • Fully settable from the on-site display;
  • Self-cleaning function (OPTIONAL);
  • Graphics in the waveform on the display (black box) (OPTIONAL);
  • Hot-swappable battery packs (OPTIONAL).
Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS - Saving cheap

UPS online economic savings ST5-IST5-IST5AU

To give a clearer idea of the economic savings allowed by the online UPS ST5-IST5-IST5AU, we offer an example on an AEC 120kVA / 120kW at full load H24, comparing it with a competitive online UPS with 92% standard efficiency.

Daily savings:
(120kVA*1*96%-120kVA*0.8 * 92%)*24 hours = 645.12kWh;

Daily financial savings:
645.12 kWh*0.1USD/kWh = 64.512 USD (cost hypothesis per Kilowatt/hour = 0.1 USD);

Annual savings:
645.12 kWh*365 days = 235.468,8 kWh;

Annual financial savings
235.468,8 kWh*0.1USD = 23.546,88 USD.

Unique features

UPS three phase

  • technology with Internal Isolation Transformer

    • The ST5-IST5-IST5AU are industrial UPS units with Internal Isolation Transformer and with high power density saves a lot of space in the client's server room while having an ecological design.
    • The three-phase UPS ST5-IST5-IST5AU uses the latest IGBT rectification technology and its input power factor approaches the unit's power factor; improves energy efficiency upto 96%
  • Lower total cost of ownership

    • Uninterruptible Power Supply three-phase has a touch screen with powerful functions, dual button on/off switching, user-friendly interface, easy to operate protection functions and warning alarms.
    • UPS online ST5-IST5-IST5AU also has complete input over-voltage, input under-voltage, overload, short circuit, and component failure warning to reduce client operation and maintenance costs.
    • With a built-in "black box", the AEC UPS ST5-IST5-IST5AU online Uninterruptible Power Supply periodically registers the waveforms passing through the device, greatly simplifying maintenance and solving the problems that have occurred: this process improves effectively system maintenance times.
    • The 4D fan design further improves the overall efficiency of the system and makes operation and maintenance management more convenient, improving the overall reliability of our three-phase UPS.
  • cleaning function (OPTIONAL)

    • ST5-IST5-IST5AU series three-phase UPS, the new self-cleaning mode periodically expels all the dust from the power module to reduce the risk of PCB failures due to dust corrosion by over 30%.
    • The dusting mode in industrial UPS can be set daily, weekly, or periodically at the user's discretion based on company needs.
  • Smarter operation and maintenance management

    • Modular design allows operations of maintenance and reparations to be quicker and safer.
    • Replacing Power Modules of an industrial UPS three-phase ST5-IST5-IST5AU has never been so easy and fast, in fact, the average time to replace the faulty component is less than 30 minutes, reducing all costs of reparations by 50%.
    • Full digital interconnection, advanced dual DSP control technology, fast fault self-diagnosis, full redundancy coverage, no more single point of failure, and good system compatibility ensures reliable power supply to the load from an ultra-wide range of input from the power grid, while the smart generator control enables flexible adaptation to various complex power grid environments.
  • Black box

    • The operating system incorporated in the computerized display can analyze and record the waveforms of each component of the Uninterruptible Power Supply online.
    • Through the display it is possible to display all the waveforms passing through each component on the color screen, thus simplifying the localized identification of problems or distortions of any kind inside or outside the apparatus.
  • Totally settable from display

    • Thank to advanced computerized display, ST5-IST5-IST5AU Series UPS online is totally settable from display directly on-site without the need for PC or specialized software.
  • Maximum power

    • UPS online with a power factor upto 1, significant savings are made on energy consumption and equipment investment costs.
    • The ST5-IST5-IST5AU UPS three-phase series allow 100% three phases unbalanced load. 

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